Training for Organizations

Classes for your employees!

We partner with employers to offer financial education classes. Classes are offered throughout the year, so stop in and learn to do more with your paycheck to reach your financial goals. Topics include:

  • Learn how to improve your credit score
  • Build a budget that works for you
  • Plan for retirement
  • Reduce your debt

Conveniently located at your workplace and often during your lunch hour, check with your employer and plan to take one class or to take them all! Contact to learn more.

Staff Training

Organizations involved in human services, such as government agencies or nonprofits, benefit from CASH Campaign led staff trainings. Social service providers are keenly aware of the difficulties clients experience when it comes to handling finances and, although these organizations want to help, their staffs are not equipped to do so. Understanding the delicate balance between financial counseling and financial coaching, the CASH Campaign can design a suitable training which will equip staff with the tools they need to incorporate financial topics into their already existing processes of working with clients.

 Training Menu for Organizations and Staff (PDF)

financial success stories

Participant Testimonials

“The resources and partnerships among CASH and their partners has been valuable over the years to help develop and evolve the workshops we offer.”

Partner Network Participant

“To increase our awareness of other financial capability programs, learn from trainings and other providers, and expand our reach through collaboration.”

Partner Network Participant

“Your program was GREAT. I thought to listen and learn some tidbits to add to what I present in person, but the program was so much broader I couldn’t do it justice.”

Partner Training Participant

“I am a baby boomer, so fin tech was an interesting topic, to put me in the know with all this new technology. It was good information, that will help me in my financial education presentations. Being able to use this knowledge for myself and share with others.”

Partner Training Participant

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