What non-tax filers need to do to receive their full Economic Impact Payments

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Most people who qualify for Economic Impact Payments under the CARES Act should receive their payments automatically. But in some cases you will need to take action and submit information to the IRS to receive your payment, or to claim your additional payment for your dependent children under the age of seventeen.

You will need to submit your information to the IRS through their “Non Filers Enter Payment Info” web portal if your income level in 2018 and 2019 did not require you to file a tax return.

Or if you weren’t required to file a tax return and you have dependent children under the age of seventeen and you receive SSI or VA benefits.

The best way to submit your info to receive the payment is through the IRS “Non Filers Enter Payment Info” portal.

Once you are there, you will be asked to create an account by providing your email address and phone number, and establishing a user ID and password. Once you are logged in with your user ID and password, you will be directed to a screen. On that screen you will input your filing status and personal information for you, your spouse if you are filing jointly, and any children who are eligible for payment.

You will also choose how you want to receive your payment. The fastest way to receive your payment is through direct deposit, either to your bank or credit union account or to an eligible prepaid card. If you don’t enter your payment info, you will receive a check in the mail, but this will take longer.

In order to use a prepaid card to receive a payment you will need to have the routing number and account number assigned to the card. Some prepaid cards cannot be used to receive payments like this, so you may want to check with the issuer of your prepaid card.

No matter how you receive your payment, the IRS will send you a letter in the mail about fifteen days after they send your payment. That’s to let you know what to do if you have any issues, including if you haven’t received the payment.

Finally, beware of scams. If you receive a message claiming to be from the IRS asking for your personal information, it’s a scam. The IRS will never reach out to you to ask for your personal information.

To submit your information to receive your economic impact payment, go to irs.gov/eip.

For more information on how to protect and manage your finances during the national coronavirus emergency, visit consumerfinance.gov/coronavirus.

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