Below is a listing of organizations and their respective websites that provide valuable information for financial educators and consumers. Please explore these resources and tools to use in your presentations. If you'd like to suggest an addition to this list, please email us at

American Financial Services Association |
Publications and online “Money Skill” course for high school students

American Savings Education Council |
Publications, curriculum, calculators, retirement ball park sheet - all focused on the power of savings

AssetPlatform (from the Aspen Institute) |
Delivers high quality products and services, including trainings, calculators, assessment tools, consumer-friendly financial products and links to experts

Citibank |
The Citi Financial Education Curriculum & Facilitator's Guide offers basic lessons in personal finances

Consumer Action |
Multilingual educational materials and technical assistance

CFPB's Toolkit |
A toolkit that social services organizations can use to help their clients set goals, choose financial products and build skills in managing money, credit, and debt.

Consumer Federation of America |
Studies and fact sheets on financial and consumer protection topics

Credit Abuse Resistance Education |
Free financial literacy program which makes bankruptcy professionals available to educators, students and the public to illuminate the dangers of credit abuse

A hands-on credit curriculum kit to teach classes on credit reports, credit scores and credit cards. Includes classroom activities and a credit board game. 
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation |
“Money Smart” financial educational curriculum in multiple languages

Federal Reserve |
Lesson plans, publications, videos and online financial education tools

Financial Education Game |
Online game teaching budgeting, credit, and spending decision making

“Foolproof” Consumer Education Portal for Students |
Online course sponsored by credit unions

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy |
Financial literacy research, standards and educational resources for pre-kindergarten through college-age youth

Junior Achievement|
Financial education programs for middle and high school students

Maryland Attorney General |
Consumer protection tip sheets and online game for teens

Maryland CASH Campaign |
Tool kits for conducting a Credit Café and for helping educators with assisting their clients on a variety of financial topics

Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition (MCRC)  |
Nonprofit organization that advances and protects fairness and justice for Maryland consumers through research, education and advocacy. Check their "Tips for Buying a Car" video

Maryland Financial Literacy Coalition |
Curriculum, teaching tools for multiple school-age groups

Money Habitudes
Creative activities to teach about money values/habits. 

National Council on Economic Education |
Publications and online courses for students and teachers

National Endowment for Financial Education |
Workshop kits including FAQs, customizable PowerPoint presentations, scripts, and handouts focused on educating varied, yet specific audiences on financial basics

Securities and Exchange |
Educational game and materials related to investing

US Financial Literacy Coalition |
Online tools, worksheets, and federal government resources

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